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MSheet.app.bin : An application pack for WDTV

This application pack modify the behaviour of the OSD of your WDTV.

All your files are in the same folder, and the navigation is more user friendly, because you display the sheets one after another just by using the up, down, left and right arrows.
If the app find a sheet in the folder, sheet display is used otherwise the standard display is used (thumbnail or list). You can also display a single sheet for all files in your directory.
MSheet is using a modded event-osd.app.bin (official by Elmar Weber, http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/wdtvtools/wiki/event-osd), so application works with all types of media (Video, Audio, Photo).
Modded event-osd support media type (into event file, and by addition of a third parameter to the script started by event-osd with media type (video, audio, photo).
 This application require an alternative firmware (WDLXTV) or ext3-boot(not tested)).



I spend a lot of time to make it working, so if you like the work I have done here, feel free to contribute a little bit...


Special thanks to Cylent for the lot of idea he has, and to b-rad, zorander, elmarweber, Redindian, LaurentG, Idaho680, Ernis and the others for firmware, application pack, advice, test and help...
And also all the others who are making a lot of things for our WDTV like sheet's creator, template, osd and so on...